Well enough

After reading Seth’s post on Reading Comic Strip, it doesn’t need to be drawn well, in different aspects of life, it’s the same.

A career is not necessarily to be perfect on all ways, just good enough in some and what’s your criteria u want in a career.

My career has to fulfill these impt basics:
– Pay well enough
– Allows my entrepreneurial spirit and work ownership
– Gd colleagues
– Recognition-giving boss

My relationship has to fulfull these impt basics:
– Vase companion
– Sharing, stability and be part of each other’s lives
– Prelude to lifelong commitment (not marriage)



Who is the one inside me?
What is good enough?

Thinking back of my BE days, I’m very clear of what I want before getting into a job – must be sth I like, must be sth I can relate with, a brand I can own. Money is not a consideration, seeing the brand I own succeed is my passion and motivation.

I left BE because I felt everything is controlled by Dr Tor, I’m just a processor of the brand I “own”.

I enjoyed CPB most but I left because of what Mr Wee had said “your pay is not even 4k?” I started to find fault and wanted to move into big MNC earning more money.

The rest is history coz I lost my fundamental reason.

Work is not me but it’s a part of me. As I grew up, I think and worry a lot more, and I get judged more. My sense of responsibility is stronger perhaps due to the growing age of my friends ard me. I get influenced easily from my surrounding.

Why can’t I just live for myself and stay single all my life? I just need to make sure I have enough to sustain – health & retirement. Actually it’s very easy right!