Full of bullshit

My boss told me, this place is already not harsh. I was like thinking, not harsh? Are you serious? (Sometimes I don’t say out loud, I give you the kind of look is enough).

A harsh email coming from Ms IT last night (so silly of her to put the harsh words in B&W), don’t know if that’s silly or what. Comments of me not sure on my competencies during the Calibration meeting, I mean seriously, this place is full of BS or what. Look, I’m obviously not happy working here. Yes I learn. I learn to work with people, I had no problem working with other stakeholders, why does the particular group of people has to be so difficult?

Sorry ah, it’s not they don’t like me, now it is the situation I don’t like them for their harshness and I just want to get it done and move out of this place asap. Yes, this is working life, a world of faking idiots. They can say whatever crap thing they want, they will get another idiot to work for them lor.

My boss still got the cheek to tell me to build more relationship when I’m now more focused on work quality and end result. I am frustrated. I describe the working relationship with the product team as Nitpicking and I got to be very honest, I also form PERCEPTIONS. Deep-rooted perceptions. They know how to do Chu 1, you mean I don’t know how to do 15?!

For goodness’ sake, challenge me for quality things, not challenge me in non-related stuff. At the end of the day, what are you trying to achieve? If they are not going to help me to help them, they are the one who’s going to face the music, not me you know! I can leave at any time. I got very agitated for this kind of things, really my last draw! I have heard enough of BS and refused to hear anymore. Give me my pay and I will leave whenever I want. My boss still can tell me, he had tried to shift things over to make my full-time portion in Media Plan. I was thinking, Seriously?! Last time, I hold millions of budget, what am I holding now? It’s a media support lor, no matter how you call it or package it, the truth will still hold it. Don’t try ever again to BS with me…

The more I think of it, the more I am angry about it. Yes, I am being taken advantage. Those people who take advantage of me, are damn happy right? If I’m not here to do their shitty work and nonsence, whose credit will they have for them to stay on top? Still want to argue with me for meagre things, waste my time to check this and that, stay focused on the goals and objectives for goodness’ sake! We spoke about reflection, I do my part of reflection, how about the other party’s role of reflection? I reflect, it’s my business but if they don’t reflect, no matter how I wave my own hand, it won’t form a clap. And the more I want to stay focused to achieve results, the clutter come disturbing me, then at the end, objectives not met, blame me again with all these clutter?

Seriously, let’s be objective and reasonable here. Must force me to get angry and fuming mad to do the right thing right? I must be nice to myself too for allowing my anger. I kept giving all of myself in this job, what had this job, organisation and these people done for me? Seeing them dig their own grave by ill-treating me lor. Try harder to motivate and inspire me, seriously, I really not interested in their BS! Ask yourself this, by doing all these BS, what are you trying to achieve? If you dare to say, I lend you my eyes to see this!


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