Meaningful Accomplishment

If I were to set a meaningful accomplishment, how about being more inner peaceful and calmer, and be a source of love? Rather than career per se. Instead of the external physical wants and accomplishments such as a powerful job title, a big house, a handsome husband, gastronomic gourmet. The external wants would keep increasing and never be fulfilled. After I want a perfect job scope, I would want a perfect job environment and it’s never-ending.

How about my accomplishment is to learn about insurance? It’s true, I may not want to stay here for career’s sake since I wanted to work in a MNC but as Love brings me here (the love to make a difference to the human community), I may as well make the best of my time here and learn something out of it, bringing things along for me. It may not be the things I want to do for my career but if it’s for me to stay and learn (be it soft skills or character wise), so be it, just let things flow.


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