Self-lifting and loving me stories 24 feb-2 mar

– PA: My height is just nice for me

– PA: 我是我们家的掌上明珠!
– I love my life. It’s always letting me see what is impt for me.
– I love seeing that I actually wanted fun in my job. Work-life balance is just a by-product, a bonus.
– I love myself for sharing the cut-carton experience with my colleagues to have a good laugh over lunch.
– Without any struggle, I get Pa to switch the position at the altar. So easy and great achievement, well done Fonx!

– I love my body with a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits.
– 我Fonx Lim做事就是不凡。
– I’m thankful to be served by Events team’s professionalism to give me the organised deck for HR roadshow artwork.
– I love my passion to see my efforts in creating magic in my work. Once a chichi brand marketer, always a chichi brand marketer.
– I’m proud of staying real amd true to my character under all circumstances.

– I love myself for being back to cam whoring:

– I love treating myself to a nice Turkish dinner after a week of hard work.
– I take pride in myself for the responsibility to do my work even though my efforts are not recognised. I’m sure the job industry will reward me someday.

– I lovingly discover I wanted status, money and power of which I’ve been holding myself back all this while.
– I take pride working in a SE, making sure all our funds go to support the less privileged and not some sales gimmick in the street.

– Felt so loved, treated like a princess at home.


Sharing from KC

一颗感恩, 感动的心, feel the love and loving energy.

If you don’t even have the love candy, how do you give the candy out?
It’s really not impt that people need to like me, as long as I love myself. 心宽不伤人, 正念(good thots)不伤己。

No one enjoys to be bad. Every bad person has a sad story behind. 每个恶人都是拿个盔甲来保护自己。

When my energy is not strong enough, I need to get ard external good energy.

The first person to say sorry is the bravest.

业力is the energy. Let go the bad energy where you left so that the good energy you are left with brings you to a place with good energy.

Everyone has their inner child, U may not feel the love fr your family. 好好对自己的 inner child, say it out “I love myself!”

How you see your family is how see your life. You can’t control your environment, you can only do your part and shape your thoughts. When you live well and happy, the people around you can then learn fr you to live well.

What you feel and think is what you have in the world.

太过理性only makes you more argumentative. 人在气头上, 火在生起, 不要做油, 我们要做水。心里有烦恼, 没法听进去, 心平气和, when he’s ready to listen, say it out what happened to let him know what really happen, objective is not to get him apologise but to let him know what really happened, 真心沟通。
Everyone is meant to be equal, self pity will only bring you down. 给于别人, 也要滋润自己。

人都是要面子, 什么事都不能硬硬来。少个面子又不会少块肉, words alone is the first step, more impt is the action, 路遙知马力, 日久见人心。

心平气和, 没什么好气的, 他们不了解, 才会误解。做好自己的本分, 不去伤害他人, 爱自己才能爱他人。

Practice makes permanent. What U focus on, all the good and bad, is what u will attract. Keep reinforcing and reminding how lucky you are and the love you receive, people tend to remember the bad stuff (thick top layer) when they have the love and good stuff (bottom layer).

Say it out (if can’t say, just write) what you don’t like for 21 days before you sleep, tear the sheet up. Monitor what you have written, ask yourself do all this really matter? Only after this purging, you then be able to write down what u like.

Self-lifting and loving me stories 18-23 Feb

– I love my wholemeal Seafood wrap. It tastes so gd!
– I love my gym after work. Thank U for the Income work-life balance.
– I love reading fashion mags. Thank U for the relationship article. I am so happy to be in love!

– I love learning something new about politics today. All the info and hearsay don’t serve any good. I just have to be careful of the climate and do my job as my boss’ employee.
– I love our OA funding towards beneficiaries, distinct and fairly distributed.
– I love the sushi roll at Cathay. Tastes so gd and healthy.

– I love attending trainings. Now I know when MC refers to Up the Game, he’s talking about Service Up. Thank U Income. I seriously need to Service Up to create a cohesive service transaction.

– I’m too fortunate to find fault in the things I do that make a difference to others.
– I love discovering myself more through training programs. Thank U NTUC Income, U are just like a school.
– I love developing my soft skills as I’m too focused in achieving and acquiring my hard skills in the past.
– I love and respect KC for her experience and holding us together as insurance is a category that has lots of au regulation unlike consumer goods where we just go as we wish.
– I love the light-hearted, friendly service from Pooi Yin, Costa coffee. She’s warm with a smile. Not so formal yet giving me a good service. Professional, yes!
– I love the service course, debunking me of the stern professional look of service. Service can be fun, light-hearted and articulate but not frivolous.

– I’m so happy and thankful that today I have the chance to meet up with Casey to share her positive and compassionate energy.
– I’m so happy to catch up with Meilin today. Have been missing her so much.

– My father love me by getting me breakfast. I’m so happy to have my breakfast by the time I woke up. We had so much love in this family, felt like a princess.

Not privileged but I’m blessed

I’m not in the privileged league. I have to work hard this life to get what I want coz no one will provide for me but I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I’ve hands and legs to allow me to work, my longtime friends who support me when I’m down at work.

This life is meant to be simple and humble. As long as I can eat, play and love, I’m satisfied.