Self-lifting and loving me stories 18-23 Feb

– I love my wholemeal Seafood wrap. It tastes so gd!
– I love my gym after work. Thank U for the Income work-life balance.
– I love reading fashion mags. Thank U for the relationship article. I am so happy to be in love!

– I love learning something new about politics today. All the info and hearsay don’t serve any good. I just have to be careful of the climate and do my job as my boss’ employee.
– I love our OA funding towards beneficiaries, distinct and fairly distributed.
– I love the sushi roll at Cathay. Tastes so gd and healthy.

– I love attending trainings. Now I know when MC refers to Up the Game, he’s talking about Service Up. Thank U Income. I seriously need to Service Up to create a cohesive service transaction.

– I’m too fortunate to find fault in the things I do that make a difference to others.
– I love discovering myself more through training programs. Thank U NTUC Income, U are just like a school.
– I love developing my soft skills as I’m too focused in achieving and acquiring my hard skills in the past.
– I love and respect KC for her experience and holding us together as insurance is a category that has lots of au regulation unlike consumer goods where we just go as we wish.
– I love the light-hearted, friendly service from Pooi Yin, Costa coffee. She’s warm with a smile. Not so formal yet giving me a good service. Professional, yes!
– I love the service course, debunking me of the stern professional look of service. Service can be fun, light-hearted and articulate but not frivolous.

– I’m so happy and thankful that today I have the chance to meet up with Casey to share her positive and compassionate energy.
– I’m so happy to catch up with Meilin today. Have been missing her so much.

– My father love me by getting me breakfast. I’m so happy to have my breakfast by the time I woke up. We had so much love in this family, felt like a princess.


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