Self-lifting and loving me stories 24 feb-2 mar

– PA: My height is just nice for me

– PA: 我是我们家的掌上明珠!
– I love my life. It’s always letting me see what is impt for me.
– I love seeing that I actually wanted fun in my job. Work-life balance is just a by-product, a bonus.
– I love myself for sharing the cut-carton experience with my colleagues to have a good laugh over lunch.
– Without any struggle, I get Pa to switch the position at the altar. So easy and great achievement, well done Fonx!

– I love my body with a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits.
– 我Fonx Lim做事就是不凡。
– I’m thankful to be served by Events team’s professionalism to give me the organised deck for HR roadshow artwork.
– I love my passion to see my efforts in creating magic in my work. Once a chichi brand marketer, always a chichi brand marketer.
– I’m proud of staying real amd true to my character under all circumstances.

– I love myself for being back to cam whoring:

– I love treating myself to a nice Turkish dinner after a week of hard work.
– I take pride in myself for the responsibility to do my work even though my efforts are not recognised. I’m sure the job industry will reward me someday.

– I lovingly discover I wanted status, money and power of which I’ve been holding myself back all this while.
– I take pride working in a SE, making sure all our funds go to support the less privileged and not some sales gimmick in the street.

– Felt so loved, treated like a princess at home.


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