Not staying status quo

It’s pretty sad to see people staying in their comfort zone and not moving ahead due to their own fears. They are estowed with the ability to achieve more yet with the laziness to overcome the external challenges, they chose to stay status quo.

Being conditioned by environment, we may have detrimental behaviours that are keeping us from achieving. Come to this situation, do we flow along or strive to create the extraordinary? Resources given by the organisation are limited, and yet the Universe is abundant. On a hindsight, knowing that there are so much resources out there, why are we choosing to stay put? Comfort zone…

We are thankful for every experience and encounter. You know when you are ready to move on, you know when you have asked yourself if you had tried hard enough. Let’s rewind and think if you had tried your ultimatum, do you think you will still get the desired results you want? Really depends.

As a marketer, I want to have the freedom to play my own pot of money. (Right now, I don’t. I know I can outside.) At the most ideal marketer, I can visualise launching a product after doing its cost-benefit analysis, with a considerable budget to launch with strategies. Creating PR for the maximum exposure of the launch. Engaging the consumers with activation and see the take up rates fly. Listening to consumers how they feel abt the product and gives us insight to target better next time. Growth results show and my efforts are paid off. Well done, a great achievement. Isn’t that giving? Isn’t that contributing to the company who had hired me? Keep learning to improve, continuous progress to contribute for great results, a journey towards Excellence.


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