My Happy Diary 5-11 May

6 May
– Thank U for keeping a clear mind. Even though people will say things to me, I still have the consciousness to know what words are true and which are said on purpose to stir up my feelings. People will make use of my strong friendship and righteousness. My strong points can also be my attack points.
– Thank U Alicia for highlighting my current weakness now as a marketer. “Too much personal touch and not so much on strong interest.”
“Instead of passion for the brand, team and products. Passion more on your personal achievements.”

9 May
– I love catching up with my JC friends. I feel the chichi-ness with them.
– I love finishing up the poster for Nas.

10 May
– Thank U for the chance to make the Mother’s Day lunch a gathering for our dysfunctional family to meet up
– Thank U for the nap recharging my batteries
– I love dressing myself up, bringing out the best in me, feeling the confidence.
– I love the quiet moment of being all by myself nearing the water.


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