Tuning back of taste buds

Have you tasted plain vegetables?

They are bland or comes with slight veggie sweetness in them?

For someone used to have a heavy seasoned taste for their food, they would say plain vegetables are bland, no taste at all. Yet for a person who had a bland taste bud, they would appreciate the “blandness” of the vegetables. To them, those vegetables would have taste. Just a slight sweetness in them, is enough for a delightful meal experience.

Do we need those seasonings in our food? With frequent eat-outs, the food served already comes with heavy seasoning. Therefore, the taste buds have been conditioned to that. If we taste the original plain vegetables as they are, we reject them.

Yet, if we train or practice our taste buds to the plain taste, do u think we will be able to tune our taste buds back to taste and appreciate the original vegetables as they are? I’m sure given time to keep tuning our taste buds, we will prefer the original taste. We won’t know the harmfulness of the seasonings until our health starts to take a turn. Yet, it’s like a slow poison, keep you hooked in and made you asking for more and more fanciful options.

It takes one to realize the original taste and let us know the harmfulness of seasonings and the goodness of original taste, that it’s healthier to turn back and practice tuning our taste buds. Sometimes, peer support also helps. Ultimately, it’s the core purpose and reminiscing of the pleasant experience and pure bliss that keeps us there despite distractions along the way.

What we digest into our life system is really important. We really don’t need so much, just enough to live a comfortable life. May I continue to remember that and firmly keep Triple Gems in my heart.

Sadhu sadhu sadhu…


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