Branding is just in my DNA

I really love marketing because it prompts me to stay forefront in trends and understanding consumers, and it keeps me being passionate.

Thru marketing, I’ve learnt to be less emo and less of a human activist, and more fun-loving (business results with a social angle).

Challenge is the evolving consumers and the rise of technology altering the purchase pattern but the core is still the same. We are still selling to humans who are driven by emotions.

With the rise of social media, perhaps the decision making had already started before the consumer stepped into the retail store. Of course, the edible consumables may not fall into that category as the taste, smell sensors and impulse purchase nature are still the key factors for purchase.

For more mature consumers like me, of course, testing of products is more impt than the said info and the info does generate interest in me stepping into stores to find out more.

Today, I discovered when reading educational info (eg. Marketing magazine), I had underestimated the time taken to digest the info. However, for entertainment info (eg. Interest books or female magazines), I can read it fast and seems to be absorbed into the flow rather quickly. Therefore, I do need time to space out the reading of educational info with entertainment info in between (leisure info breaks).


“No thank you” today for “Yes” tomorrow

That’s true. I just need to set a budget of what I need (bread & butter) to pay my bills and dedicate more time on things that really lights me up.

1. Look at your budget and figure out if you truly need that revenue stream.

2. If you do need the money, figure out the minimum amount you need and don’t commit any more work than that.

3. Set up a schedule of non-negotiable time solely for the purpose of developing the business of your dreams.

4. Shift your mindset to say no to extra income so that you can say yes to a better future.

Practical and joyful needs met. Nice!