Realizing the impatient side of me

I have an impatient side of me like a fierce discipline master inside me. I kept pushing myself to be fast to complete and only set eyes on the goal. It’s good in a way to get me not to give up yet it had been blinding me to admire the journey.

After all, life is not about just reaching the goal. So what if you reached the goal when you don’t relax and enjoy the journey? It will just be another goal done. Yet when you enjoy the journey not pushing yourself on the speed and the outcome, you will realize the beautiful things along the way that will come in handy in future. The emotional side of you will also thank you because you are happier in the journey and you know eventually you will reach the goal and it doesn’t matter what is the end result because hey you reached your goal and you have fulfilled your self promise isn’t it?

The journey is also made
happier when you do it together with your close friends. Be discerning and be elitist – really choose the friends who are close to you for your happiness!

And remember, give yourself a praise when you completed it! You know it doesn’t come easy even though the last few moments of the journey is a happy one. Toughness, perseverance and commitment doesn’t have to be all pain with no happiness.


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