Worthless complaints

With the prevalence of social media and Internet, it is so easy for people to express themselves.

Complaining, giving a voice to anything and everything, becomes a normal activity to do. However, complaining for the sake of complaining, can do more harm than good.

It may seems harmless but as time goes by, the complaining voice will permeate into the inner soul slowly. This caused us to be unhappy with ourselves, our lives and things around us. Who would like a person like that?

My question is, what is your value in life? What matters most to you in life? Does the nitty gritty unpleasant things in life distort you in achieving the things that matter most to you? How would you then move towards achieving the things that you want? By complaining and listening to the complaints? I don’t think so.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.
~ Zig Ziglar.


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