Harmonizing the mind and body

My mind keeps pushing me to go faster and achieve more. Yet my body just couldn’t do that. It could be due to my over stressed demands in the past, my body had deteriorated and I felt tired more easily. Yes, I have hypothyroidism.

I suddenly thought of the tortoise and hare story. The tortoise with its slow speed took a longer time to complete the race whereas the hare being blessed with its fast speed could easily complete the race at its own normal speed. If the tortoise were to compare itself with the hare, it would be miserable doing the race because it knew it will never win the race with speed. In the end, it still win the race not because it has been blessed with another ability but because it didn’t give up.

If the story were to end with the hare came in first without any disruption in the midway, does it mean that the tortoise has lost the race? Yes, it lost in terms of time order. Yet, the tortoise will still ‘win’ in its own terms when it had completed the entire journey nonetheless. Who says life winners has to be defined by the number of top medals? Finisher medals count as well.

Everyone is gifted with its own ability. When the mind keeps speeding up and the body can’t cope, it’s time to listen to the body and refocus on what the body can do instead of keep pushing it on what it can’t do. Train the body up for where it fits best and train the mind down to collaborate with the body.


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