The pot of crabs 

In a pot, the crabs were struggling and fighting each other. Scratching each other, holding back each other just to make sure no one gets up ahead of each other.

In one corner of a pot, there’s one crab which is silently figuring out how to get out of the pot and not fighting with the rest. “What’s the point of fighting when the objective is to get out of the pot?”

Everyday this crab is figuring out how to move out at its own pace. There are days when a few crabs came over to ask and a few crabs that came over to disturb. I want to get out of this pot, it remembers.

Trying numerous times on the attempts to get out, it finally succeed in getting out and while it looked back, it saw a massacre of dead crabs which had fallen in the battle of getting up while the rest of the crabs are still fighting with each other to get to the top.


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