Childhood love

Today moments of pain / coldness from my childhood floats up to me, when I start to feel or find love from my childhood, I realised I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by love from my friends, teachers, neighbours, grand parents, aunties and uncles. At this point, my Achilles heel is still my family and my parents. 

Then I realised, in a situation of pain, there must be support of love coming from somewhere otherwise the person won’t be able to survive. Since the person (eg. Me) is able to survive, there must be sources of love which had been buried in the sea of painful memories. If one were to feel the love from the past once again, the healing starts. 

I’m not pushing to recover from my family entirely now, I’m trying to heal myself from the wounds that came up as and when they come and try to remember and strengthen the love memories I have in the past to help me with my now, my future and my wound healing. ❤️💓❤️💓


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