Sense of bliss 

As I was asking myself the question of what I wanted to do if I only left with 6 mths to live, it started off with the emotional thrash-out eg. Quit my job, go travel etc. 

A friend’s departure changed my list. She was just 20. I was shocked to hear she’s left the world. I flipped through her FB and saw the happy memories that she had. A good worthy life she had lived I am sure, even though it’s short. 

Then I came back to my list, I realised they are just tides of escapade. Not really what I want. I yearned for close relationships, self-love and simply the sense of bliss. 

It’s interesting how I observed people with heaps of wealth can be one who can’t feel the sense of bliss despite having the financial power to get what they want. On the other hand, poor people who can’t afford to get lavish houses, may be the one who enjoys this sense of bliss. 

So how do we get this sense of bliss? Had your goals? Yes, have your goals then let go of them and live in the present moment. Put the goals in your mind’s back burner and it seems too passive to you, schedule them as one habit in your life, BUT the key is still to let go of them and live in the present moment. 

I realised the sense of bliss is felt when we slow down, observe and appreciate the art of beauty in life around us. It’s not about chasing things and arriving at goals. It’s appreciating the Now and observing the beauty of it. It has a name, Mindfulness. 


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