Human differences 

Cultural differences, ego, misunderstanding, grudges, why do these things like to tear good people apart instead of uniting them to work together for a greater good. 

In my mind, I saw kind good souls who are capable of doing great things. Not malicious people intending to hurt people. They are genuinely vulnerable people who are susceptible to life challenges, ups and downs. Some of them protect the weaker ones in a very direct and bold way yet came across as brass and rude to others. Can you fault them? Maybe their way is not the best way, they have good intentions. 

Some of them are eager to perform well in front of others to the extent of being stressed. Perhaps they are seeking for recognition in return. To me, I see that as pointless, there’s no perfect product. It’s all up for discussion for continuous improvement. Indeed, a few heads with arguments/discussion do make the end product better. 

I just pray and hope there are more mediator in between these differences and bring people together instead of tearing people apart. 


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