Longevity rich 

I was watching a local show just now. It features the reasons why the people in Bama and Okinawa have been enjoying longevity. 

The main reasons were the unprocessed natural food that the locals grow and eat, the active life of the people working in the farms, producing wine, playing floor ball etc and lastly, the fresh air undisturbed by the outside world. 

These people are free from rich diseases eg. Gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. In fact, one local even commented the elderly in Bama is even malnourished in fact, he meant the elderly only ate 2 meals (brunch and dinner) and it’s the simple food that they eat. 

By societal norms, these long-living people are not owning big cars or big houses, yet, they are richer in the sense that they have more time in this world of which the city people couldn’t even buy with their money. 

In fact, these long-living people may not have more time than us that they earned. We all have more time in this world to begin with. Just that, we city people may be depleting our life span with the food we eat, the lifestyle that we lead and the path of life that we pursue. 

So are we maintaining our riches in this world or are we depleting our riches?


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