The unplugged moment

I have a habit of plugging in to my music when I’m on the move. To kill boredom, maybe. 

One day, I decided not to plug in (maybe that day I wasn’t so bored) and I was in a cabin of the MRT. When I’m inside the train, I looked around me and suddenly realized out of 10 people, 9 of them are actually plugged in. I recalled a Tedtalk from Shawn Achor who was observing the outliers of the normal graph so I tried to observe the minority in the train. Yes, you guess it right, the ones who are not plugged in.

I noticed the minority on that particular day was 2 mothers who were taking care of 2 kids. The young kids were standing on the seats and playing. The smiles from the mothers and their kids were lovely. Taking a look at the ones who were plugged in (either listening to music or looking at their phone), there’s only one look, monotonous blank look. I bet they are engrossed with what they are looking or listening, hence that “serious” look. I know, because I’m aware I have that look when I’m thinking over my work on the laptop.

This morning, again, I’ve decided to unplug. Sitting in the taxi in silence, I saw the beautiful clouds in the sky and I heard the chirpy sounds of the birds. They were really beautiful, sending a hint of sweetness to my heart. The taxi uncle was complaining to me about how life has been tough and the riches are in the hands of the Top 20%, I wasn’t really affected from his negativity and in fact, I could even compliment him calmly for being the Top 20% richest as he revealed that he’s planning his emigration out of the country. 

As I was walking to the office, I was intentionally looking out for beautiful things around me and I saw the beautiful flowers which I’ve been missing out when I was plugging in. It’s the same sight everyday yet it looks different to me when I started to notice its beauty.

How many of us have the experience of rushing through things and doing things rather than noticing the beauty of the things in front of us? How many of us choose to disengage and find some entertainment to numb ourselves from the challenges in life which at the same thing, also numbing us from the beautiful nature around us?

I challenge you and I dare you today to go unplugged (no phone and no music) on the move or when you are alone. Look out for the beautiful things around you (not only hunks and babes) and tell me what you have found. I’ll be happy to hear if you would be happy to share in the comments. 


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