La la land – Post movie review 

After watching the movie, La La Land, it keeps me thinking of the ending. Not satisfied, totally not satisfied with the ending. 

It ends off with a flashback of another possible ending with a different choice made by Seb. That alternative ending is not good either, satisfies Mia but not Seb. Why can’t they think more and work out another possible ending that satisfies both leads?

It kept me thinking of the ending that one would have, given the choices they made. No one can tell the future but I believe if the faith remains for the desire (dream whatever), no matter how life turns up, it will still end up at the same destination. It may take a longer time but if the northern star (dream) remains in the sky and we kept looking up in the sky, we will find the way out from the confusing jungle of life. 

Chinese has a proverb – 两全其美, meaning both sides are well covered. I still believe it’s possible for life to be well covered. Be patient. Patience doesn’t mean doing nothing but keep doing because better things will come your way. Keep looking up to the northern star in your sky. 


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