Emotional health in the job

I was having an evening walk with a friend who’s feeling unstable in her movements. It could be work stress or it could be hormonal issues with woman, friends around my age are feeling the toil on their bodies either with biles, giddiness, migrane. With these ailments in place, how could one be happily enjoy her life?

Someone used to comment to me, the occupation that you chose when you were young could be driven by circumstances, not your real passion or purpose. But who can really tell, what’s our real purpose especially with so much disruption we faced in the technological times and our favourite buzzword, Change.

As we advanced the career ladder, we seem to slowly give way to our passion. So what if we have a trade off, don’t advance the ladder and retain our passion of working. We could do that when we don’t have increasing financial commitments in the face of inflation. Remaining status quo is not a bad thing to have after all. Progress could come in the form of the expertise gained in doing the same job over and over again. Boredom would not enter especially if we are doing it in the name of passion. It could be peer pressure when you see people around you, advancing their career, whereas you are still at the same old level that you were years ago. No wonder people nowadays are losing passion in their jobs.

Mind and body are all linked as one. If we don’t feel good, we can’t be well. If one feels lifeless in his/her job, then their emotional health could not be anything better. It’s important to take care of our emotions so as to take care of our physical health. After all, if you have gotten the best of health, you could then have the mood and ability to enjoy the wealth in your life.


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