Emotional health in the job

I was having an evening walk with a friend who’s feeling unstable in her movements. It could be work stress or it could be hormonal issues with woman, friends around my age are feeling the toil on their bodies either with biles, giddiness, migrane. With these ailments in place, how could one be happily enjoy her life?

Someone used to comment to me, the occupation that you chose when you were young could be driven by circumstances, not your real passion or purpose. But who can really tell, what’s our real purpose especially with so much disruption we faced in the technological times and our favourite buzzword, Change.

As we advanced the career ladder, we seem to slowly give way to our passion. So what if we have a trade off, don’t advance the ladder and retain our passion of working. We could do that when we don’t have increasing financial commitments in the face of inflation. Remaining status quo is not a bad thing to have after all. Progress could come in the form of the expertise gained in doing the same job over and over again. Boredom would not enter especially if we are doing it in the name of passion. It could be peer pressure when you see people around you, advancing their career, whereas you are still at the same old level that you were years ago. No wonder people nowadays are losing passion in their jobs.

Mind and body are all linked as one. If we don’t feel good, we can’t be well. If one feels lifeless in his/her job, then their emotional health could not be anything better. It’s important to take care of our emotions so as to take care of our physical health. After all, if you have gotten the best of health, you could then have the mood and ability to enjoy the wealth in your life.


La la land – Post movie review 

After watching the movie, La La Land, it keeps me thinking of the ending. Not satisfied, totally not satisfied with the ending. 

It ends off with a flashback of another possible ending with a different choice made by Seb. That alternative ending is not good either, satisfies Mia but not Seb. Why can’t they think more and work out another possible ending that satisfies both leads?

It kept me thinking of the ending that one would have, given the choices they made. No one can tell the future but I believe if the faith remains for the desire (dream whatever), no matter how life turns up, it will still end up at the same destination. It may take a longer time but if the northern star (dream) remains in the sky and we kept looking up in the sky, we will find the way out from the confusing jungle of life. 

Chinese has a proverb – 两全其美, meaning both sides are well covered. I still believe it’s possible for life to be well covered. Be patient. Patience doesn’t mean doing nothing but keep doing because better things will come your way. Keep looking up to the northern star in your sky. 

Meng Zi famous quote – tenacity

孟子曰:“天将降大任于是人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身行拂乱其所为,所以动心忍性,曾益其所不能。”(《孟子·告子下》)  〔译文〕孟子说:“上天将要把重大的任务降到这个人身上,一定先苦恼他的心志,劳累他的筋骨,饿乏他的身体,穷困他的身子,他的每一行为总是不能称心如愿。这样,便可以震动他的心意,坚韧他的性情,增强他的能力,方能完成大任。”


When one is about to be bestowed with heavy responsibilities, he will be put through tough tests to determine his will, exhaust his physical strength and make him go through poverty such that all he does will not be what he desired. In this way, this will shaken up his will, toughen his character, strengthen his ability in order to accomplish the big Mission. 

Courage to act upon feelings 

How was your day today?

Are there times when you wonder how come things suddenly fall into place in the occasions you didn’t expect them to be?

I had that experience today. I was dragging my lethargic body out to work today and the whole day was in a daze. 2 meetings fell at the same time, yet thankfully, I managed to reschedule one. 

I was working in a cold and distant environment where people seldom interact other than work, otherwise they operate in cliches just like your high school (I know it’s childish yet it’s happening to working adults).

It took a meeting for another person to agree with what I said, so that my team could realise about the things they ignored because they were so mighty up there. Oh well, my words carry no credibility that’s why. 

In any case, I’m glad that someone decided to take action so that we can move forward. I don’t mind being the bad guy in saying the unpopular truth because I know deep down, if I’m not going to say these, my business competitors are going to say it and take advantage of it. Even if it costs my unpopularity (and eventually my job), I would rather say it out. 

May all the real people out there decide to do something about what they see instead of keeping it to themselves wishing it would go away on its own because it won’t.


Bangkok shopping trip Nov 3-7

It’s time to start counting what went right in my day again (good for emotional health).

Today what went well are:

– Shopped in Chatuchak the entire day without stopping except the 5min rest for the coconut ice-cream. I am impressed with my shopping stamina. 

– Explored Chatuchak deeper this time and saw a different section, discovering more fashion items. 

– Not seeking to achieve any to-do lists by not forcing myself to wake up early and go with what had been planned. 

Today what went well:

– I had a good rest upon touching down. Felt so refreshed and well-rested. 

– I touched down safely from the flight. 

– I spent my money just right on the shopping, food, relaxation etc. 

The unplugged moment

I have a habit of plugging in to my music when I’m on the move. To kill boredom, maybe. 

One day, I decided not to plug in (maybe that day I wasn’t so bored) and I was in a cabin of the MRT. When I’m inside the train, I looked around me and suddenly realized out of 10 people, 9 of them are actually plugged in. I recalled a Tedtalk from Shawn Achor who was observing the outliers of the normal graph so I tried to observe the minority in the train. Yes, you guess it right, the ones who are not plugged in.

I noticed the minority on that particular day was 2 mothers who were taking care of 2 kids. The young kids were standing on the seats and playing. The smiles from the mothers and their kids were lovely. Taking a look at the ones who were plugged in (either listening to music or looking at their phone), there’s only one look, monotonous blank look. I bet they are engrossed with what they are looking or listening, hence that “serious” look. I know, because I’m aware I have that look when I’m thinking over my work on the laptop.

This morning, again, I’ve decided to unplug. Sitting in the taxi in silence, I saw the beautiful clouds in the sky and I heard the chirpy sounds of the birds. They were really beautiful, sending a hint of sweetness to my heart. The taxi uncle was complaining to me about how life has been tough and the riches are in the hands of the Top 20%, I wasn’t really affected from his negativity and in fact, I could even compliment him calmly for being the Top 20% richest as he revealed that he’s planning his emigration out of the country. 

As I was walking to the office, I was intentionally looking out for beautiful things around me and I saw the beautiful flowers which I’ve been missing out when I was plugging in. It’s the same sight everyday yet it looks different to me when I started to notice its beauty.

How many of us have the experience of rushing through things and doing things rather than noticing the beauty of the things in front of us? How many of us choose to disengage and find some entertainment to numb ourselves from the challenges in life which at the same thing, also numbing us from the beautiful nature around us?

I challenge you and I dare you today to go unplugged (no phone and no music) on the move or when you are alone. Look out for the beautiful things around you (not only hunks and babes) and tell me what you have found. I’ll be happy to hear if you would be happy to share in the comments. 

Longevity rich 

I was watching a local show just now. It features the reasons why the people in Bama and Okinawa have been enjoying longevity. 

The main reasons were the unprocessed natural food that the locals grow and eat, the active life of the people working in the farms, producing wine, playing floor ball etc and lastly, the fresh air undisturbed by the outside world. 

These people are free from rich diseases eg. Gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. In fact, one local even commented the elderly in Bama is even malnourished in fact, he meant the elderly only ate 2 meals (brunch and dinner) and it’s the simple food that they eat. 

By societal norms, these long-living people are not owning big cars or big houses, yet, they are richer in the sense that they have more time in this world of which the city people couldn’t even buy with their money. 

In fact, these long-living people may not have more time than us that they earned. We all have more time in this world to begin with. Just that, we city people may be depleting our life span with the food we eat, the lifestyle that we lead and the path of life that we pursue. 

So are we maintaining our riches in this world or are we depleting our riches?